Options and How to Pay for Braces

Braces are one of the most effective and time-tested orthodontic solutions for people who want to correct misaligned teeth and restore a natural smile. More than four million Americans wear braces – the vast majority being children, but also many adults in various age groups. Types of Braces Metal Braces These are traditional metal braces, which continue to be used today because of their efficacy in treating severe cases of teeth overcrowding and misalignment. This non-invasive solution enables orthodontists to move your teeth in a controlled manner and in small increments to give you back a healthy smile.  While metal [...]

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When Do I Get My Braces Off?

That seems like the common question if not the most common thought on everyone wearing braces. Getting the braces on takes some time to adjust but time can never come quickly enough when it’s time to get them off. Before we start your treatment plan we do try to give the best estimated timeline for how long your braces will stay on but there are a few factors that come into account and one of them is you. Are you wearing your elastics as prescribed? Are you making all of your scheduled appointments? Theses are some questions to consider before [...]

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Tips for Wearing Braces

Make Time for Appointments No matter how diligent you are in cleaning your braces, a good cleaning from the dentist every six months will keep your teeth in best shape. And don’t forget us, your orthodontists. Regular check ups will help in the progress of your orthodontic treatment plan. Get Pointy Brushes for Those Small Spaces Interproximal brushed (also called proxa or interdental brushes) are small cone shaped tooth brushed that are sometimes helpful to reach spots around your braces your regular toothbrush might not be able to get to easily. Get Your Teeth Wet A waterpik is an easier [...]

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Halloween and Braces

It’s that fun time of year. The weather is changing and it’s time to get on your favorite costume for Halloween. As kids are going out trick or treating and attending parties they of course want to have fun with the candy and sweets. Braces are bonded to the surface of teeth and can be damaged if that bond is broken. Certain candies can break brackets and bend wires. Avoid candy that’s sticky as they tend to stick to the teeth as you chew, creating tension on the braces and potentially loosening them. With braces kids can still enjoy this [...]

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