Make Time for Appointments

No matter how diligent you are in cleaning your braces, a good cleaning from the dentist every six months will keep your teeth in best shape. And don’t forget us, your orthodontists. Regular check ups will help in the progress of your orthodontic treatment plan.
Teen Braces

Get Pointy Brushes for Those Small Spaces

Interproximal brushed (also called proxa or interdental brushes) are small cone shaped tooth brushed that are sometimes helpful to reach spots around your braces your regular toothbrush might not be able to get to easily.

Get Your Teeth Wet

A waterpik is an easier way to clear items out between your teeth. It may get a little messy with water but is easy and quick to use. Just be sure to avoid the highest settings.

Protect Yourself

If you play a sport we can fit you for a mouth guard in the office. Nothing is more painful to your mouth with braces then getting hit in the face without a mouth guard.

Avoid the Sticky and Hard Foods

Just because you have braces you can still enjoy your favorite foods but some foods are more prone to getting caught in the wires or even breaking one of the brackets. Stay away from popcorn, gum, hard candies and sticky things like caramel chews or gummy bears.

Avoid Tooth Whitening

Everyone wants shiny white teeth and we do have whitening treatments but remember that whitening treatments only effect the surface they touch so wait until your braces are off to avoid uneven shading. If you feel like your teeth are not staying white enough during your treatment be sure to let your dentist know so you are getting adequate cleanings.

Carry Disposable Picks

It’s inevitable that you will get things stuck in your braces when eating away from home. It never fun to have that feeling with something stuck you can’t remove. Be prepared with an extra toothbrush in your purse or backpack. An easy thing to carry is disposable toothpicks or dental floss.

Speak Up

At your check up appointments we will ask whether everything feels right in your mouth. Be sure to let us know if something is bothersome or feels loose. This will save possible problems in the future.

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